What Do You See?

Hello Friends,

How are you doing today? Did you enjoy a week without any rain? I have been noticing around town and especially in some of the local stores that school supplies and school supply lists are being posted….Can you believe that school is just around the corner? Are you ready to go back to school? I don’t know about you, but I liked going to school, seeing my friends and planning for certain classroom parties, but I also enjoyed Summer vacation. What about you?

Speaking of “seeing” our friends, have you ever played “I Spy” or read any books where you had to find certain items. Growing up, my parents used to get a children’s magazine titled Highlights. And in this magazine, I remember very distinctly, that there were activities by which I had to find certain items: a pencil, toothbrush, a comb, a banana, and many other items. I always enjoyed those kinds of activities. How about you? Have you ever done anything like that before? As I was thinking about that specific magazine, I kept thinking about what God asked a certain prophet.

In the Book of Amos chapter seven, God asks a herdsman and a dresser of sycamore trees–a simple person–“What do you see?” This herdsman and dresser of sycamore trees is named Amos; and Amos was just living his life before God called upon him. During the time of Amos, the people under the leadership of King Jeroboam were not behaving. As a matter of fact they were worshipping other Gods. God needed Amos to see this so that Amos could help them. You see, their faith wasn’t straight; and God needed them to fix it so that’s why he called upon Amos. It was Amos’s job to see what God sees. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wear the glasses of God and see what He sees?! We would be able to see the future and see when we might get in trouble.

Amos was chosen by God to see something great, to bring hope back to the people. God needs us to do the same thing today. God needs us to see what he sees, to play “I Spy.” So if God asked you, “What do you see?” what would you say? Would you be willing to help Him out or would you be afraid. Remember God has chosen you to do great things, but sometimes you have to be willing to put on His glasses before you change the world. This week, look for ways to help someone out and try to see what God sees!

Your Friend, Holy Spirit!


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