Shoo Doubt, Don’t Bother Me

Hello Friends!

Are you getting excited that school is almost out? Do you have any plans for the summer? Are you taking any trips or going on any vacations with your family? I remember going to Wisconsin with my family every summer! We had a small cabin, and for a few weeks during the summer we would travel to Wisconsin to play on the beach, take a cruise around the lake, make some s’mores, and go shopping at the small businesses in town. It was a great time! But unfortunately, I haven’t been back to the cabin for over ten years. I doubt if I will ever return….

Speaking of doubt, have you ever experienced doubt? You know, have you ever been uncertain or unsure about something? My brother, Thomas, for the longest time, when he would fill out his Christmas list, would always put that he wanted a 4-Wheeler at the top of his list. And ever year he would say to me, “I doubt I am going to get a 4-Wheeler for Christmas.” Have you ever wanted something but did not get what you wanted? After a while we begin having doubts that we will never get that one thing. Well let me tell you something, it’s okay to have doubts: it’s okay to be uncertain. Why? Because Jesus is here to remove those doubts and replace them with love, faith, and belief….and of course smiles and laughter. Jesus needs you to shout, “Shoo doubts, don’t bother me!”

And did you know that even some of Jesus’ closest friends doubted him? Some of them were lacking in faith, some of them were unsure of who he was, and some of them struggled to follow his instructions. Additionally, one of his friends, who is named Thomas, needed physical proof that Jesus was Jesus when he saw him after the resurrection. So if some of Jesus’ friends can have doubts and Jesus still loves them, then we can have doubts too. But you must promise me that you won’t let your doubts get in the way of loving Jesus. Jesus is here to remove, take away, put your doubts in time-out, so that you can live a happy life. Jesus is here to help you say, “Shoo doubts, don’t bother me!” Who knows, maybe you will get that one thing that you have always wanted if you remove your doubts?!

Your Friend, Holy Spirit!


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