Our Conference, Our Kids: Spiritual Well-Being

Through the month of September, we are going to focus on the organization “Our Conference, Our Kids” which was created by our very own Bishop Frank Beard. In honor of Bishop Frank Beard, who is undergoing eye surgery in both eyes and is on Sabbatical until January of 2022, all churches in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference are asked to take up a collection to give to this organization. During our Kid’s Message, the kids travel through the sanctuary collecting a “noisy offering” which will be sent to Our Conference, Our Kids at the end of the month as our way of paying tribute to Bishop Frank Beard.

So far, we have talked about taking care of our physical bodies and taking care of our souls. By taking care of our physical bodies, we learned that it is important to help others who need help taking care of their bodies. When looking at taking care of the soul, we found out that Jesus lives in our heart and helps us make the right decision. Today, we turn our focus to our spiritual well-being.

Do you ever wonder where something comes from? Do you wonder where food comes from? Or from where your clothes come from? Or from where your toys come from? I’m sure the older people have a very political and profound answer to these questions. But, I want you to know that what you eat and what you wear and what you play with comes from those who love you. Those who love you buy these things so that you will be fed, clothed, and entertained. Essentially, they are taking care of you and showing you kindness and love. That is the same thing we have to do with our spiritual well-being: we have to take care of it so that God and Jesus have someone to count on.

For many of us in the church, we have been going to church longer than you have been alive. For some of us that is a very very very longtime; and for others, it may just be a couples years older than you. Needless to say, whether the people have been attending for many years or just a short while, they are still learning what it means to have a healthy spiritual well-being.

My friend Paul reminds us what it means to have a healthy spiritual well-being. Paul says, “[The] fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control….” (Galatians 5:22-23). To have a healthy spiritual well-being, we must practice, not only with ourselves but with others–our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and friends–what it means to live by the fruits of the spirits. When we do so, we learn to help everyone find Jesus. And when we help everyone find Jesus, we learn to be there for them, to help make sure that they have a healthy spiritual well-being like we do.

To have a healthy spiritual well-being, means to simply be your best self and to help everyone know Jesus!

Talk to you soon! Love and Kindness from the Holy Spirit!

Prayer for Our Kids – Lord, we want to pass on Your gift of salvation to others. We want every child to know they are accepted by You, loved by You, guided by You. God, we pray for the children and families who are seeking peace, and do not know that You are the Prince of Peace. Make us true disciples who support these ministries that introduce Jesus to the children.


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