Our Conference, Our Kids: Physical Needs

Through the month of September, we are going to focus on the organization “Our Conference, Our Kids” which was created by our very own Bishop Frank Beard. In honor of Bishop Frank Beard, who is undergoing eye surgery in both eyes and is on Sabbatical until January of 2022, all churches in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference are asked to take up a collection to give to this organization. During our Kid’s Message, the kids travel through the sanctuary collecting a “noisy offering” which will be sent to Our Conference, Our Kids at the end of the month as our way of paying tribute to Bishop Frank Beard.

Week one is focused on taking care of our physical needs. We are people who are bodies, souls (hearts and minds), and spirits. Our bodies need to be taken care of. When we fall down and get a scrap on our elbows or knees, we put a band-aid them. When our teeth hurt, we go to the dentist. When we don’t feel good, we go to the doctor. When we are tired, we take a nap or go to bed. When we are hungry, we go find the cookie jar! But what about those kids who do not have band-aids or a dentist or a doctor or a bed or even a cookie jar? What do they do when they need to take care of their physical bodies? What do you think we can do to help out?

We can send them band-aids, we can help them find a dentist or doctor, we can provide a bed for them, and we can even share our food with them. Isn’t that what God wants us to do: To treat others as we would like to be treated. (I think what God wants us to do is what your teachers call “The Golden Rule.”) God wants us to help all those who need to be taken care of. God wants us to love them, to be their friends, and to let them know that we are there for them. So as we take care of ourselves, let’s also take care of all those around us. And hopefully by doing so, we can help put cookies in their cookie jars!

Thank you, Jesus!

Let us Pray: Lord, we pray for the parents, who worry every day about how they will pay their bills, feed their children and keep them safe. Give them the strength to persevere through hardship and not give up hope. Thank you for the ministries who come alongside them to connect them with community resources.


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