Jesus’ Padlock Of Love: Guard His Love

Hello Friends!

After today, we only have one more Sunday in February! Can you believe that? In just two weeks, as followers of Christ, we begin our journey towards Easter. Do you know what happens on Easter? Yes, you get to find eggs and eat candy, but there is something even better than eggs and candy that happens on Easter. Yes, Jesus raises from the dead: He is resurrected. When Jesus died on the cross our sins were forgiven. And when he rose, Jesus gave us a love that we could never lose. Absolutely nothing can take away the love that Jesus has given you.

When you accidently pull your sister’s hair or when you accidently give your brother a love tap on the back or when you accidently say no to your parents or when you accidently take something that you aren’t supposed to, even though you should do your best to not do these things, Jesus still loves you. The Apostle Paul, an old guy who followed Jesus and later told others about him, said to a group of people known as the Romans, “Nothing can separate you for the love of Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 8:35-39). Paul is telling the truth. Jesus gave you a love that cannot be taken away. Jesus’ love is like a padlock.

Do you know what a padlock is? It is usually round or rectangular in shape and has a loop on the top that swivels and locks and unlocks. Some use numbers to open them and others use keys to open them. I used one in junior high school and high school. I would put one on my locker to make sure no one got into my stuff. But, most of the time I forgot to lock my padlock and by the end of the day my candy stash was all gone…. Although I wasn’t very good about using my padlock, I still have the one I used in high school and I still remember the combination for it. Today, I mostly use padlocks for my suitcases and bike lock.

So thinking about a padlock, Jesus’ love is like a padlock. Once Jesus gives you his love, he throws away the key or keeps the combination to himself so that no one can take away the love he has for you. Not even Satan can take it away. Jesus’ love is very special. But, we have a job to do. Once Jesus give us his love, we must protect it; we must guard it; and we must shield it from all the bad things around us. King Solomon, another old dude, said this when talking to his son, “Above all else guard your heart, for everything you do comes from it” (Proverbs 4:23). Do you know why we must guard our heart? Because that is where Jesus’ love lives: Jesus’ love lives within your heart. So we must always protect our heart from the bad things in life. Can you do that?

Remember, Jesus’ love is like a padlock that can never be taken away from you. But, you must promise to guard your heart with all your strength. Guard your heart because that is where Jesus’ love lives. Can you do that? I will see you next week!

Your Friend, Holy Spirit!


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