“It’s May Day,” I Say!

Hello Friends,

How are you doing today? Did you have a good week? It feels like it has been for everrrrrrrrr since we met last! But the last time we met was only seven days ago. Maybe it feels like for everrrrrrr because the last time we met, it was April and today is the first day of May. Speaking of the first day of May, do you know what this day is typically called or known as? Ummmmm….the first day of May is called May Day! Not “mayday, mayday” as a call for help; but May Day as a day to think about others.

For many, many, many, years kids, just like you, have celebrated May Day by making baskets, filling these baskets with flowers or treats, and then they would leave them at someone’s doorstep. The person delivering the basket usually rang the doorbell or knocked on the door and then ran away. In other parts of the world, kids and adults would wrap colorful ribbons around a pole while dancing and singing. In England, it is said that individuals would praise God for this special day as they sang, “Sing a song of May-time. Sing a song of Spring. Flowers are in their beauty. Birds are on the wing. May time, play time. God has given us May time. Thank Him for His gifts of love. Sing a song of Spring.”

I remember as a kid, my mother and I would make May Day baskets and deliver them to my grandparents every year. I had so much fun ringing the doorbell and hiding behind a bush. It brought me so much joy and excitement to see my grandparents lift up that tiny basket and smile. Today, I can’t remember the last time I delivered or received a May Day basket, but every year on this day, I give thanks to God for always filling my basket with love. So on this May Day, I say that we should take the time to share God’s love with others and let them know that they are thought about. What do you say?

On this May Day, this is what I pray: “Dear Jesus, help me to share your love with others. Allow your love to bring a smile to someone’s face. And thank you for May Day, a day where we pause and think about others in our life. May God Bless this May Day. Amen.”

Your Friend, Holy Spirit!

Maypole Dancing at Bishopstone Church, Sussex - geograph.org.uk - 727031.jpg
Children dancing around a May Pole on May Day
Rock Island, Illinois, on May Day 1907 (Pastor Daniel grew about 30 minutes from this town)

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