Instructions, Pieces, & Beauty

Instructions, Pieces, & Beauty
Pastor Daniel’s Lego Treehouse, 2022

Hello Friends!

How are you doing today? Did you have a good week? Did you do anything fun? Today, we are going to talk about what happens when we follow instructions. Do any of you follow instructions? A better question is, do any of you like to follow instructions? I normally don’t like to follow instructions; but when it comes to certain things, following instructions is the only way to do things.

So I have to share something with you….When I have some free time from paperwork and from keeping us all updated on things and from visiting people or when I just need a break, I try to find something creative to do. When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, I enjoy going for bike rides, hiking through the woods, going to baseball games, and simply being outside. But when the weather is cold and snowy, I like to sit inside where it is nice and warm and build Legos. Ever since I can remember, my two brothers and myself have always built Legos: the Space Shuttle, several vehicles, tractors, buildings and towers, bridges, boats, and different landscapes. It is something that we like to do!

As I was thinking about Legos, I realized something! God, like the designers of our favorite Legos, provides us with instructions; and when we follow these instructions, we create something beautiful and magnificent and filled with love. Do you know where our instructions come from? That’s right, they are found in a book. Do you know what this book is called? The Bible, that’s right? God, in the Bible, provides us with instructions–instructions that make us followers of Jesus. We are instructed to love our Lord our God with all our whole heart, mind, body, and soul, to honor our mom and dad, and to love our friends as we love ourselves. When we follow God’s instructions, when we add piece after piece to His Kingdom, we build something that is beautiful and unique.

However, creating something beautiful takes time and many helpers. Everybody in our church helps build our church and they each add their piece to the creation so that you have a place to come and feel safe and be loved. And when their pieces are added to the creation, something extraordinary happens: the doors of the church are opened and people come rushing in to learn how they, too, can help build our church! When we follow the instructions and place our piece within God’s creation and church, we can create something beautiful….like the treehouse above!

Are you ready to help build our church by adding your piece to the creation? Are you ready to follow God’s instructions? Are you ready to accept that the Bible provides us with basic instructions before leaving earth? Are you ready to create something beautiful? I hope you are! Maybe we should build Legos during church?

Your Friend, Holy Spirit!


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