Hoppy Easter!

Hello Friends,

Happy Easter! or should I say, “Hoppy Easter!” Did the Easter Bunny come visit you today? I think I received a visit from the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny didn’t leave my anything but I noticed that a couple of my cereal boxes were EMPTY, an egg carton was EMPTY, the milk jug was EMPTY, and the lemonade container was EMPTY. Maybe the Easter Bunny ate all my food so that he/she would have enough energy to visit you!

Thinking about the word “empty,” I came across something this past week from a wise person who had this to say about last year’s Easter: “EMPTY – a word we have been fearing lately. EMPTY shelves at the store. EMPTY classrooms. EMPTY church buildings.  EMPTY toilet paper dispensers, for goodness sakes!!! Whatever shall we do? I’m not making fun of the current situation, because it is quite serious. I mean it is a pandemic! All the more reason to be thankful for that word…EMPTY.” Last year, Easter looked a little different. You could say that Easter looked a little “empty.” But when we feel empty, Jesus is there to refill our spirit and our heart because he lives.

Do you know of something else that was empty on Easter! That’s right, the tomb was empty on Easter! That tomb in which Jesus was laid to rest was EMPTY!! The tomb was EMPTY because Jesus lives! Jesus has risen and is in the world today! Jesus arose from the grave. Because Jesus lives we are no longer empty, but filled with love, peace, and salvation. Because Jesus lives, we can face tomorrow. Because Jesus lives, we have someone to lean on when we are scared. Because Jesus lives, we will never be EMPTY. Jesus is with us when we face the EMPTINESS in our lives. Jesus is with us NOW and FOREVER! Jesus has risen! Hoppy Easter!

Your Friend, Holy Spirit!


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