God is Better than a Number 2 Pencil

Hello Friends,

I have to share this with you. Last week, I was listening to a very interesting and encouraging children’s message regarding pencils. I will admit, I was a little confused at first, but by the end of the message the point of the lesson was loud and clear. The teacher gave each person a pencil and a small notebook; and asked each person to write something or draw something in that notebook. Everything seemed to be going to plan until someone said, “My pencil isn’t sharpened.” Then another person said, “My pencil is dull.” And yet anther person said, “I only use mechanical pencils.” (As a side note, the first time I was allowed to use any mechanical pencils in school was in the eighth grade!) It turned out that every pencil was not just dull, but none of the pencils were sharpened. It’s no wonder people were having trouble or difficulty writing or drawing something in their notebook.

After giving this message some thought, I realized that at times we can be a dull, unsharpened pencil. We become tired, weary, worn out, frustrated, stressed, and just not in the mood to do anything. At times we feel dull and useless. We let our faith and love for Jesus to dwindle just a little bit. But then I remembered that in all things God can make anything happen. God created this earth from nothing. God created man from the dust of the earth and woman from the rib of man. God brought life to all the animals in the sea and on land. God made something out of nothing. God can sharpen any dull pencil that we have. God can bring the pencil back to life just like He can bring us back to life when we feel tired and worn-out.

Essentially, God is the ultimate pencil sharpener in our life. God is better than any number two pencil in the world. God can lift us up when we are down. God can pick us up when we fall. God will love us when we make a mistake. God will sharpen us when we feel dull. God can make anything happen. He can even help us build our faith back up when our faith dwindles a little bit. God is better than any number two pencil in the world; and He is always going to be there to sharpen us. So I guess the point of the message that the teacher was sharing is this: Even when you feel dull, God is going to be there to help you. He is never going to leave you alone because He needs someone to create masterpieces in His notebook. God is here to sharpen your life for greatness!

I will never look at another pencil the same way!

Your Friend, Holy Spirit!


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