“Do You Remember”

Hello Friends!

Did you all have a wonderful Christmas? Did Santa Claus come and visit you? Did you get everything that was on your list? This Christmas was a little different for me this year: instead of waking up and seeing my mother in the kitchen and my father on the couch drinking coffee and a blanket of snow covering the ground, I woke up to an empty house, to my bird, Charlie, cooing, and to a green Christmas that we 65 degrees. Although this Christmas was different, I still got to celebrate the birth of Jesus with wonderful people, several new families, and eat lots of delicious, yummy, treats. On top of all that, this Christmas I took some time to remember all the Christmases from years ago.

Do you remember all your Christmases? Do you have a favorite Christmas? I can barely remember what I did yesterday, but yet I am able to remember my Christmas experiences. So thinking about remembering Christmas, I was thinking about the act of remembering. Have you ever been told to remember to do your homework or remember to eat your vegetables or remember to clean your room? Have you ever been told to remember to be nice to your sister or brother or remember to give grandma a hug before she leaves or remember to be nice to so-and-so? We are told to remember a lot of things in our life. (It’s amazing, with everything going on, that we don’t have to tell ourselves to remember to remember to do something!)

God tells us to remember on several occasions: we are to remember the things of old so that we know how to behave in the present, we are to remember the deeds of the LORD, we are to remember God in everything that we do, and we are to remember His son as we partake in Holy Communion–“Do this in Remembrance of me.” God wants us to remember what we are told so that we can better become like His son, Jesus Christ–the one who was just born a few days ago in a stable in Bethlehem. God wants us to remember so that we can share with others what He has done in our life and what he can do in the lives of others.

So, as I remembered past Christmases, I remembered all the moments that I was thankful for God’s presence in my life. Just because this Christmas was different, what I remembered from the past, made this Christmas truly special because I realized that I had my family in my heart as I celebrated Christmas with my new family. What about Christmas do you remember most? And how will you continually remember that both Jesus and those who love you live in your heart? Remember that Jesus is with you always and forever!

Your Friend, Holy Spirit!


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