Dance Party: Bible Style

Hello Friends,

IT…IS…SSSSUUUUMMMMMEEEEERRRRR…VACATION! No more homework, no more carrying a backpack, no more sitting at a desk, no more having to keep track of everything. It’s Summer Vacation!! Do you have any plans? Are you going on any vacations with your family or friends? Although I still have to work while you all are having fun and going on adventures, I still like to imagine what I would like to be doing on my Summer Vacation….

When I close my eyes, I see myself having a dance party. The music is playing loud, my favorite song is on repeat, colorful lights are flashing, I am sliding across the floor in my shocks, I am jumping around, running around in circles, waving my arms in the air like I just don’t care, and I may even be twisting and shouting as I slide to the right and then slide to the left. Doesn’t this sound like fun?! Did you know that King David–from the Old Testament–danced? He sure did. It says three times in 2 Samuel 6 that David danced: “David danced before the LORD with all his might” (6:14), King David was seen “leaping and dancing before the LORD” (6:16), and finally when talking to Michal–his first wife–King David said, “I have danced before the LORD” (6:21). Even King David was excited about Summer. In some readings of the Bible it even says that many people were overtaken by the Holy Spirit and were in a “prophetic” or “spiritual frenzy.”

Sometimes in life, we just have to dance because we feel good. So I challenge you this summer to have a dance party but not just any dance party, a spiritual dance party. Allow the Holy Spirit–a part of God that lives in your heart, mind, body, and soul–to direct your moves. Like David, dance before the LORD because you are happy. Dance because you want to. Leap and shout and slide across the floor in your socks. Let God know that you are happy! God gave you those dance moves so let the Holy Spirit guide you as you dance the night away! It’s time for me to kick off my Sunday shoes and get “jiggy with it.”

Your Friend, Holy Spirit!


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