Angels Among Us

Hello Friends,

How are you doing today? We are now entering the third week of 2023; and it feels like spring is here already…well at least until I woke up this morning and saw snow on the ground. Nevertheless, God has certainly blessed us with some pretty nice weather for the month of January! (I might try to finish taking down my Christmas decorations this week?)

Speaking of blessings, as I write this short post for you, I can see, in the corner of my eye, a rock on my desk that has a painted cardinal on it with the saying, “Cardinals appear when Angels are near.” Now, the person that I received this from knows I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan; but they also know how important this saying is to me. When you think of angels, what do you think of? Do you think of humans that have wings and fly around in heaven? Do you think of a person that is dressed in white and glowing? Do you think of a halo atop someone’s head? Do you think about the angel that you possibly place at the top of your Christmas tree? Do you think about the old saying, “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings”? What do yo think about when you think of angels?

Angels are found in both the Old and New Testaments of our Bibles. But the most popular angel stories take place prior to the birth of Jesus. An angel appears to Zechariah and tells him that his wife, Elizabeth, is pregnant with child. Now Zechariah and Elizabeth were older people that didn’t think they would ever have children. Then an angel appeared to Mary, and told Mary that she was going to give birth to Jesus. In a dream, Joseph receives news by an angel that he is to take Mary as his wife. (Joseph has two more dreams that involve angels.) Finally, a bunch of angels appear to the shepherds while they are watching over their flocks by night and they tell them to go see Jesus lying in a manger. From these encounters, its no wonder we think of angels only coming from heaven because they tell these individuals news only God can tell. But did you know that there are angels here on earth?

Believe it or not, you are an angel! Angels help people, love people, and guide people to Jesus. Angels are kind, loving, and a promise from God that someone or something is watching out for you. You can be an angel to your friends–you can help them and you can be there for them. You can be angel to your parents and follow their instructions. You can be angel to your teachers, especially when they need your help. You are an angel to so many people, and you don’t even have wings (but really cool tennis shoes instead). You are an angel! And the person that gave me this rock is and has been angel to me. And they are reminding me that whenever I need help or support, there are angels near by. There are angels among us…and you are one of them!

Your Friend, Holy Spirit!


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