“A Very Merry Christmas Prayer” by Bonnie Rickner Jensen

Here’s my Merry Christmas prayer, I’ll send to God above, For all the gifts He’s given, From a heart filled with love.

Thank you, God, for strings of light, So twinkling and bright, Just like the star that led wise men on that special night.

Thank You, God, for home sweet home. I love my cozy bed, Just like the manger that You gave to cradle our Lord’s head.

Thank You, God, for songs of joy, Your praises everywhere, Just like the host of angel’s voices floated through the air.

Thank You, God, for family time. You bless us one and all, Just like the love that Mary felt inside that humble stall.

Thank You, God, for tress of green dressed up from tip to top, Just like your glory fills the earth–Your goodness does not stop!

Thank You, God, for gifts we give, To show the world Your love, Just like the lasting gifts You give, Sweet blessings from above.

Thank You, God, for candles lit on frosty Christmas Eve, Just like Your love shines in our hearts, Your presence never leaves.

Thank You, God, for yummy treats, Handmade with love and care, Just like the good things that You give, To bring joy everywhere.

Thank You, God, for sparkly snowflakes, Coating earth in white, Just like forgiveness makes us pure, We’re brand-new in Your sight.

Thank You, God, for wreaths of holly hung upon each door, Just like Your love that welcomes us to live forevermore.

Thank You, God, for listening to My Merry Christmas Prayer, For sending Jesus, Lord and King–A gift that’s always there!

Merry Christmas, Friends!!


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