A “Strange” Earth Day

Hello Friends,

Did you all have a hoppy good Easter?! After the Easter bunny came to my house last week and left an empty egg carton, an empty milk jug, and empty cereal boxes, I had to go to the store and buy some more eggs, milk, and cereal–the most important food groups in the Food Pyramid! And while I was shopping, do you know what I realized? Well first, I realized that whenever I make a grocery list by the time I go to check out, there is more food in my cart than there is on my list. And second, I realized that there were a lot of people in the store that I didn’t know. My parents taught me to say “Stranger Danger” as a kid when I saw someone I didn’t know. I bet when you go to the store, you are with your mom or dad so you don’t have to worry because they will protect you.

Thinking about strangers, this earth is filled with a lot of strangers and strange things. Although God created this earth and said it was “good,” there are still some strangers and strange things out there. Did you know that Jesus’ own friends called him a stranger? After Jesus came back to life and walked out of the tomb, he walked down a path to a small town called Emmaus. Along this path, Jesus met two of his friends. But guess what? They didn’t recognize him: they didn’t know it was Jesus. Even though they didn’t recognize Jesus, Jesus recognized them. Jesus is never a stranger to us because we know that Jesus loves us and will always protect us. Jesus’ Father made this earth to be a “good” place for you and you and you and you and even you! Jesus will be with you wherever you walk on this good earth.

As the three of them were walking to Emmaus, I bet they were talking about how good the earth is: the green trees that offer shade and protection, the streams of water that provide something to drink, and the plants that nourish our bodies. If the earth is where we find Jesus walking with us, then it must be a good place for us to be with our parents and friends. As a matter of fact, we just celebrated a day that is associated with the earth. Do you remember what that day was called? “Earth Day,” that’s right! On Friday, April 22, 2022 we celebrated earth day. When I was your age, I remember receiving a tree from school and planting it in my yard. I watered it and watered it and watered it, but it didn’t grow. I was sad. But then I looked around and saw all the other beautiful things on this earth that God created. And a smile grew on my face!

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Genesis 1:1

And God called the dry land Earth; … and God saw that it was good.

Genesis 1:10

As you go for a walk today, remember to look around at all the beautiful things growing and remember that Jesus is walking with you. Jesus is no stranger, but a friend! This good Earth that God created is certainly worth celebrating and we should celebrate it with people that we know and love.

Your Friend, Holy Spirit!


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