A Special and “Treasured” Thank You!

Hello Friends,

Did you have a good week? Can you believe that it finally snowed! There isn’t a lot of snow out there but at least it snowed a little–not enough to build a snowman like we talked about last week, though. Hopefully more snow will arrive soon! This week I thought we could talk about money…. Do you like money?

When I was a kid, I remember getting money in birthday cards, I received money whenever I helped out my grandma, and I sometimes received money for doing some chores. Whenever I earned some money I would put it in my piggy bank. There was always something that I saw on T.V. or in a toy magazine that I wanted; so I would save up my money until I had enough to buy that really cool, awesome, toy. Most of the time, though, I would forget what it was that I was saving for and would spend the money on something else. The more I earned money, the more I realized that I wanted to keep earning money.

Every summer, with my grandma and aunts, my mom would host a yard-sale; and at this yard-sale I would sell lemonade and Kool-Aid and soda. I had a small business that was open 8:00AM-4:00PM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday–the times and days that the yard-sale was open. Over the course of these three days, I earned some money; enough to fill my small piggy bank. As I think about my lemonade stand days and our church, I realized that it takes multiple people to make things happen. I needed someone to make the lemonade, help me set up the table and make signs, and purchase some soda. The church needs people to help make the bulletins, read scripture, take care of the building, change the sign, help lead service and Sunday School classes, and someone to keep track of the money. The church wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for the wonderful volunteers.

So thinking about all the wonderful volunteers, we need to make sure we say thank you to each of them for their wonderful service to the church. And as we do this, we need to give a special thank you to the church treasurer. Do yo know what the church treasurer does? They pay the bills, keep track of where money is going, how the church is spending its money, where the money is coming from, pays the pastor (only when he does a good job), and makes sure we have enough money to have parties and to help others in our community. The church treasurer does a lot! I think sometimes the church treasurer wishes that we sold lemonade out in the parking lot! Noticing everything that the church treasurer does for our church, we need to give them a very special thank you for making sure that the church doors stay open and that the lights stay on! Thank you church treasurer for all that you do!

So, kids make sure you say thank you to our church treasurer! (Thank you Kevin Leffler for all your hard work and dedication to the church!

Your Friend, Holy Spirit!


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