Happy Birthday to Me!

A “happy birthday to me!” message for the kids.

Today, April 26th, is MY birthday! And it is a very monumental day. Did you know, I have NEVER been this old before??!! That makes today a pretty special day, at least for me. But because I’m getting older, I might have to start thinking about some things…like…wrinkles, gray hair, creaky bones, achy joints…you know, old people stuff. To tell you the truth, I’ve already been thinking about that! I use anti-aging lotion on my face morning and night. I will color my hair if too much gray starts to show. I take calcium for strong bones, and Ibuprofen pain reliever is a dear friend of mine. I know all that might surprise you…LOL…but it is the truth. 

But really, getting older isn’t all that bad.  In fact, a song we sing at church should be the birthday theme song. 

Sweeter as the years go by, Sweeter as the years go by;

Richer, fuller, deeper, Jesus love is sweeter,

Sweeter as the years go by. (Rondel Lee, I bet you were singing along.)

So today, celebrating a day when I have never been this old before, I will rejoice in Jesus’ love that is “sweeter as the years go by”! For me, that is pretty sweet because A LOT of years have gone by! And I’m just going to let you know…when I blow out my birthday candles, I am wishing for a cure and a vaccine to Covid 19! That would be sweet too! But, in case my wish isn’t granted, I will continue to pray for the cure and vaccine. I know you will too.

Thank you, God! And thank you Mom and Dad (since it is my birthday)!



  1. San Young Lee : April 26, 2020 at 7:25 am

    Dear Sarah!

    Many many blessings on your birthday!!! I thank God for your wisdom, love and kindness that shine through your person through and through!!

    May God continuously bless you!!!

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