Give a Cheer!

Give me an S!
Give me a P!
Give me an R!
Give me an I!
Give me an N!
Give me a G!

What’s that spell? Louder!! YAY!!!

Yes, indeed! It is spring! Now that is something to cheer about! When I looked spring up in the dictionary there were so many definitions for it. As a verb, there were 6 definitions for spring. As a noun, there were 6; and as an adjective, there were 3 definitions. So, spring can mean a lot of things! Hey, that’s a cheer!!! “Spring can mean a lot of things!” YAY SPRING!!
So, what “springs” to mind when you think of spring? I think of flowers blooming, baby kittens in my barn, and everything turning green. But I think the most special thing that “springs” to mind is EASTER. Celebrating our risen Savior, who died on a cross for our sins. Sin makes us feel low and bad about ourselves, and we all sin. Sin separates us from God. BOO—SIN!!! (Booing is NOT a nice way to cheer, but it’s ok to boo sin for this.) And even though we didn’t deserve it,Jesus died for our sins, and then He raised from the grave so we can live with God forever through His Holy Spirit. Yes, Jesus died, so we could live. Hey, that sounds like another cheer. “Jesus died, so we could live!” Cheer it like you mean it!! “Jesus died, so we could live!” Hallelujah!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!

Ok, that might be enough cheering. But during spring and beyond, be sure to stay CHEERful knowing that even though Jesus had to die, He died and then RAISED for us to live. Thank you, Jesus and YAY for spring.


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