April Fool’s Day


An April Fool’s Message for the kids.

Hey! Your shoe’s untied!!!!! Quick, wake up…the sheep are out!!!!! What’s that on your face????? No recess today; we have a test instead!!!!!

These are all silly April Fool’s jokes I’ve been a part of. Have you been a part of any silly ones? I bet there have been some good ones. Having a day in our year when we can have fun joking around is a good thing! This year many parents get to “enjoy” all those tricks and jokes that the kids usually play on the teachers.

Oh yes, April Fool’s Day is a day for jokes and pranks. It is a day for silliness and being funny. It is a day for laughs!! And I LOVE TO LAUGH!! Did you know the Bible tells us that it is OK to laugh? In Ecclesiastes, it tells us “there is a time to laugh”. Since April Fool’s Day is this week, it is the perfect time to laugh. I think it would be great for everyone to have a good laugh. The Bible even says a cheerful heart is like a good medicine. Can you think of anything that would make someone laugh? Do you know any good jokes?

How about this one…What do you call a kitty on an ice cube?…..a cool cat!!! LOL! LOL! 😊😊

What do you call a bee that is always complaining?…..a grumble bee!!! LOL! LOL! 😊 😊

Why was the broom late?….. It over swept!!!!!! LOL! LOL! 😊 😊

OK, last one…What kind of lights did Noah’s Ark have?…..FLOODlights!!! TOO FUNNY!!!! LOL! 😊

So, bring on April Fool’s Day and let’s have some laughs!!! Remember…GOD LOVES YOU…and that’s NO JOKE, but it should certainly make our hearts cheerful!!!! 😊 Thank you, God!


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